D. Teicher

Without you…my life wouldn’t be as rich or as lesson-filled. I’m listening more, being still more, honouring all things more (including myself, I hope!) and everything is wider and more. I’m SO grateful. Thank you so, so much.

A. Gregory

I cannot ever in a million lifetimes thank you enough for unburdening my love. He is so much freer….together we are so much happier! You saved our relationship when we didn’t think it was possible.

J . Augusto

All I can say, is that these sessions were some of the most beautiful things I have ever experienced. Coryelle does beautiful work, and the peace and comfort that time with her provided cannot be expressed in words. It was very healing and very powerful. Thank you, Coryelle.

K. Carroll

Coryelle, I thank you with all of my heart for what you did for us. I was strongly drawn to you and now I know why. You connected me with the one true love of my life and worked with us to make out intimacy so much more! It was everything we were hoping to receive.. You are a truly gifted woman and I thank you for being so generous and caring in sharing your knowledge on sexuality with us.

C. Arnold

SUCH  great advice, THE best guidance & a wicked sense of humor. Coryelle is my go to person for all things dealing with sexuality & intimacy.

S. Knowles

Coryelle was able to help be get clarity around issues I’d been wrestling with for quite some time. After our sessions, I felt so much more spacious, settled, and centered. I also had a clear sense of what steps to take next on my path in my personal intimacy. So, so grateful for her guidance and sight!

D. Tootell

My time with Coryelle was amazing! She was always compassionate as we went through the Erotic Blueprints and open to questions and is so knowledgable. SO MUCH HEALING…SO MUCH RELEASING! Coryelle has a gift.

R. Esquibel

Never did I think I could ever be released from my past. Nor did I ever think I would really know true happiness until Coryelle !!! She healed me more than just mentally. I have never been so happy in my life. She is an angel fallen from heaven !!! She made my outlook on life change and more importantly she helped my husband and I become happy and feel what the present, happiness, love, connection, and hope is and we can’t wait to see what it store for the future. More importantly we are excited about our new intimacy possibilities.