Possibility Call Contact Form

Hi, thank you for wanting to connect with me!

Filling out this form will begin your process towards us possibly working together in the intuitive work I do with people.

To dive deep and reclaim and expand your capacity to love and be loved, and all the possibilities your life holds for full, free expression.

All answers are completely confidential.

Once I receive your information, I will personally review all your answers and a member of my team will be in touch to let you know how to schedule your Possibility Call with me..

This is a private, confidential 60 to 90 minute phone call. We will explore what you want, what your current obstacles and challenges are, and discover if we’re a good fit for working together as well as what my Erotic Blueprint packages entail.

A Possibility Call IS for you if….

• You are truly ready to bring new levels of joy, play, vulnerability, creativity, possibility, safety, and deep connection into ALL areas of your life, and especially your most intimate relationships with yourself and with others.

• You love sex!…or want to love sex – and want to love yourself even more in your personality and create better, deeper, more satisfying experiences for yourself and your partner (whether you have one now, or want to do this work to set yourself up for success in the future).

Please do NOT fill out this form if…
• You’re not ready to invest time and money in your love and sex life.
• You and your current partner are ready to break up.
• There is physical or emotional abuse in your current relationship, (please contact the authorities and then either a trained trauma professional or therapist to assist you in healing journey).
• You are NOT 100% committed to your own personal growth.

I’m looking forward to our time together.
Until then, live your life with passion!
xoxo, Coryelle